Im just letting you all know the reason why you never ever see me update. I write in my other diary cause i have nosiy ass sisters that like to read everything and ruin my life.. so if you are that interested in my life ask me for my other diary...

New Diaryy

Lissa.. dont think i am copying off of you.. Diaryland is just really hot and i absolutely love having a diary so i needed to find someplace to have one.

Today i went to the knee doctors. I have my knees drained. What fun that was. I never cried so hard in my life. Well maybe once or twice before, but this was very very painful. I wanted to freak out. I am stuck in my lovely home for the next two days how lovely.

I love adonica. Shes is such an awesome friend. She brought me over a gallon of my FAVORITE ice cream without her evening asknig me what kind i wanted. She called and said she was gonna bring it over for me. Not like i need the ice cream cause at the doctors i got weighed and lets just say the scale was tipped a shitload.

Me and Ryan are.. well we are the same. I havent talked to him all day. He told me he had to go with his dad all day til late. I am calling off work tomorrow so maybe we will hang out. Im sure he will wanna, we are going out and everything.

My Mommi went shopping today and bought me.. flip flops, a white purse =0),a skirt, shorts, 2 tank tops, and 3 other shirts. I love her. She went cause she felt bad cause i strted criyng and ssaying i hated her when she told me she was going. So she decided to go on a spree for me and only get michelle a skirt and sam flip flops. My mommi does love me lotz.

But my knee is hurting from being bent, i am gonna go lay down. <33 Much Love